Site Assessment

During the site assessment stage our team conducts a thorough walk-through and a site visit; during which we listen to the customer’s concerns and requirements. Every industry has its own set of unique specifications and requirements that must be met. Based on the information gathered, we can offer each client a specific floor system that will best suit their individual needs.

Testing and Repair

The next step in our process is the testing stage. During this stage, we thoroughly test the concrete surfaces and substrates for moisture, alkali-silica reaction (ASR – concrete cancer), and calcium chloride. All of the testing is conducted in-house or can be sent out to a certified lab in order to analyze the surface consistency. If necessary, we can then offer specific products, such as moisture-mitigating primers, and/or installation techniques to provide the most longevity for any floor system.

Surface Preparation

The most critical stage of any floor installation is the surface preparation. Northeast Industrial Floorings brings to the table over 35 years of experience using the most advanced, OSHA-compliant surface preparation equipment. From degreasing, dustless shotblasting, scarifying, and diamond-grinding – surface preparation is crucial to the successful outcome of the project. It is imperative to Northeast Industrial Floorings that this part of the project is done in-house by our certified crews.


Each project brings its own unique variables, with combined experience of over hundred years and thousands of different installations – we have seen it all. During this stage the most important things to consider are the nuances that we might run in to and the ability to troubleshoot them effectively in order to meet the deadlines and specifications of each job. Our installation capabilities vary anywhere from 10 square-foot repairs to 200,000 square-foot food processing or manufacturing facility. Our understanding of unique site requirements combined with our experience, makes this part of the process very seamless.