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Providing industrial quality coatings for pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food service industry, government and other commercial uses.

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Commercial Kitchens

Here, at Northeast Industrial Floorings, having completed thousands of different commercial kitchen and restaurant epoxy flooring applications, we understand the requirements that come from the FDA and USDA for particular surface finishes and maintaining a cleansing floor surfaces. With our paramount experience of 30+ years we understand stand the nature of the food industry and quick turnaround that is required. Our proven process can be completed in just few days to meet with high demand and fast-paced food industry expectations.


Working with the healthcare industry provides its own amount of challenges during the installation of epoxy floorings. Clean-as-you-go environment must be maintained at all times, from wiping down brought-in machinery to keeping air-quality and dust pollution down, our team of certified and experienced installers has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that any job site is maintained clean. When it comes to epoxy floor installations in hospital and other healthcare facilities, we understand the complexities and requirements that have to be met for sterilization purposes, surface durability, and stain resistant surface applications. Epoxy floors are a great substitution for other more porous surfaces (such as tile), because it offers more protection against bacteria and more benefits when it comes to ease of sterilization.


When it comes to manufacturing, Northeast Industrial Floorings understands the needs of both light and heavy manufacturing facilities. Durability of floors, their strength, and resistant surfaces are crucial to maintaining proper services for manufacturing plants. Ease of cleaning for airspace and military manufacturing or clean room environments is a major factor to be considered when selecting an epoxy floor for your manufacturing plant. Most manufacturing plants and facilities are much larger than your average size applications epoxy floors, here at Northeast Industrial Floorings we have scalability expertise that help to manage the project and deliver the same timeline expectations.

Municipal and Government

From city halls to libraries, from police stations to fire stations, Northeast Industrial Floorings has a clear understanding of budgetary constraints and timeline constraints that come with municipal and government projects. We offer competitive pricing backed by 30+ years of experience and proven results in offering industrial epoxy flooring systems for city, state, and federal government projects.


Automotive industry is very unique when it comes to their commercial flooring solutions. The floor surfaces must offer a mix-use functionality combining very durable and sustainable surface when it comes to spills and ability to be leak resistant to prevent staining, to public use and awareness. These nuances bring its own challenges to each project as the floor surface selection has to be very careful in order to accommodate both durability functionality and public appearance. We offer 20 to 30 different varieties of surface finishes with over 200 different pigments and colors for you to choose from, which provides with endless possibilities and options to customize your epoxy flooring. Here at Northeast Industrial Floorings, we're happy to help you and guide you through the entire process in order to make the right selections with your purpose in mind.

Our Process

Site Assessment
Surface Preperation
Testing and Repairs
System Installation